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Local outlier Factor

In this blog i will try to explain how we can use a simple technique called Local Outlier Factor to detect outliers in our data set .Before that we need to understand,

lets have a look to this picture

  • There are 5 group /cluster of points present namely yellow, white ,blue ,green ,red .
  • There are some points in purple color which are away from the 5 major group. these points are not belongs to any of the group , we can call them as an outlier.
  • remember we get outlier in our…

A Natural Language processing Project using Deep Learning

This is a quite unique project for me . As , here i need to extract phrase from a sentence base on some sentiment .Previously i have worked on those project where i have to just predict the sentiment given some data but in this project there is an addition to the whole task . Lets understand the whole project ….

1 . What is business Problem i am solving :

This is first think we should ask to ourselves. Because we can achieve our goal.

With all of the tweets circulating every second it is hard to tell whether the sentiment…

source google

An end to end project

I divided this blog into 3 part :

  • section 1 : where we will understand all the basic of the case study like real world business problem and how to convert this as a ML problem.
  • section 2 : This section is dedicated to the exploratory Data Analysis.
  • section 3 : Here we will discuss about the ML models and some Feature engineering technique.

Section 1

1. (Real world problem to Machine learning problem)

In this section we will try to answer all these questions

  1. First thing that would come to our mind that what is network intrusion and why should we care about ?

2. How we gonna tackle…

In machine learning we want to convert a text into vector so that we can do some machine learning modeling and analysis . In this blog i will try to explain TFIDF quickly . look at some sentences

Are you looking to change your career into Artificial intelligence and machine learning ??, but unable to decide which one to study as there are lots of things/designation like data scientist , data analyst , data engineer , machine learning engineer etc.….

In this blog i will talk about data science and data analytics . If you study data science then you will be a data scientist and if you study data analytics then you will be a data analyst .Its …

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