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Local outlier Factor

what does mean by an outlier ?

  • There are 5 group /cluster of points present namely yellow, white ,blue ,green ,red .
  • There are some points in purple color which are away from the 5 major group. these points are not belongs to any of the group , we can call them as an outlier.
  • remember we get outlier in our…

1 . What is business Problem i am solving :

source google

An end to end project

  • section 1 : where we will understand all the basic of the case study like real world business problem and how to convert this as a ML problem.
  • section 2 : This section is dedicated to the exploratory Data Analysis.
  • section 3 : Here we will discuss about the ML models and some Feature engineering technique.

Section 1

1. (Real world problem to Machine learning problem)

  1. First thing that would come to our mind that what is network intrusion and why should we care about ?

Jitendra Dash

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